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Who Needs Life Insurance?

No matter where you are in life, one thing is certain: If someone depends on you financially, you probably need life insurance. Why? Because life insurance provides critical financial support in the case of your premature death - so loved ones won't be left wondering how to pay the bills.


What type of life insurance do I need?

What type of life insurance do I need?
Term vs. Whole Life Insurance

Term Life Policies can be purchased for large amounts with an initially low premium and may be appropriate for short-term coverage for needs, such as:

  • Home mortgage 

  • Outstanding debt 

  • Educational expenses 

  • Auto loan

Whole Life Policies offers a level premium for a coverage amount you choose and an account value and is best for lifelong needs, such as:

  • Loved one’s financial needs 

  • Final expenses 

  • Estate planning 

  • Contributions to charity 

  • Business legacy 

  • Access to accumulated cash value 

Did you know that your life insurance premium is based on your age? Every life has its own story, but generally speaking, here are some ways the right coverage can meet your needs throughout life's journey. 

  • Getting Married

  • Buying A Home

  • Managing A Growing Family

  • Becoming A Stay At Home Parent

  • Running Your Own Business

  • The Single Life

  • Life After The Kids Have Moved Out

  • Planning For Retirement

  • Supporting Aging Parents

  • Estate And Legacy Planning

Ask your agent what type of coverage is right for you.

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