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Contractors Insurance

Who Needs Contractors Insurance?

General contractors, contractors, and subcontractors are commonly required to carry contractors insurance by various laws and businesses they work for. This insurance covers a range of issues from accidents to negligence and oversight. Typical types of contractors insurance include:

  • Construction Insurance

  • Carpenter Insurance

  • Plumbing Insurance

  • Cleaning Insurance

  • Electrician Insurance

  • Landscaping Insurance

  • Painting Insurance

  • Handyman Insurance

  • Snow Plow Insurance

Your company's success depends on your ability to do the job well while balancing income, expenses and any unfortunate events that could 

impact your balance sheet. That's why contractors insurance is so important.Because contractors are unique, a basic General Liability policy may not be suitable coverage. Talk to your XpressQuote agent about your contractors insurance today and let us help you customize your policy to fit your ever changing needs.​

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